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Travel Review: Blonde Restaurant ( Edinburgh, Scotland )

Blonde restaurant is a neighborhood gem. Run by a husband and wife team, it is unpretentious (but I did not quite get the name of the restaurant. It is neither run by blondes or decked out in blonde shades. Whatever, the food is all we should care anyway :p), casual (the lady of the house was in Birkenstocks!), warm and great food that is generous in portion (thus indirectly friendly on the wallet).

Thick slices of granary bread was served at room temperature along with butter. The bread was fresh and soft so it was decent even with no toasting.

An order of soup of the day - broccoli Parmesan with saffron - was tummy warming and a pleasant start to the meal.

I ordered a main dish of grilled mackerel with chickpeas, feta cheese and red onion salad for £12.90, not expecting two whole fillets and a bed choked with salad.

Now the fish was so fresh, it didn't tast of the extreme fishyness often associated with our local "saba" (that usually comes from Korea). The skin was crispy and easily my favorite part of the fish. I love oily fish even though parts of it was slightly overcooked, and the salad had all the components right up my alley, so I loved the dish. But ended up way too full for any dessert.

I would recommend this configuration for two Singaporeans: two starters, split both a main and a dessert. Else, skip the starters, go for a main each and split the dessert.

In other words, make a reservation, and go to Blonde! It's a little out of the city center but it is not too far a walk (20 mins) and you will love the food.

Blonde Restaurant
71-75 St. Leonards Street
Edinburgh, Midlothian


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