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Travel Review: The Gardener's Cottage (London, UK)

We were having our afternoon tea at Cups in Glasgow when I happens to flip through a foodie magazine on the table and came across a recommendation for The Gardener's Cottage in Edinburgh. Yes, the tiny restaurant is previously the royal gardener's storage shed.

We were not too hungry but wanted to check it out anyway so I called and made a reservation. Luckily for us because the restaurant was tiny and almost full.

The menu was tiny and unfortunately wasn't too exciting so I settled for the fettucini of the day with butter sauce, fresh snap peas and chopped hazelnuts. It was underseasoned and overcooked. Unsatisfied, I also ordered the cheese of the day which saved the meal. It was an Irish cheese, soft and stinky, served with a homemade fennel cracker chip, and very satisfying.

The restaurant offers a £28 fix prix dinner menu which sounds like a great deal. Maybe it would be worth checking that out.


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