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Travel Review: Lovat Bar & Restaurant (Fort Augustus, Scotland)

Fort Augustus is a small town located at the southern tip of the Loch Ness. It is also one of the bigger towns so it is inevitable to have to find chow there.

Fortunately for us, we took a chance at Lovat Hotel's bar and restaurant for dinner and it paid off.

First thing first, the hotel's name drew my attention and curiosity. What is "lovat"? Ah, it refers to a grayish blend of colors, especially of green, used in textiles, as for plaids. Perhaps it is a pun on Scottish tartan or the green landscape around the highlands.

Trivia over.

Anyway, the chef focuses on fresh local ingredients and keep it simple with few components.

First up, fresh and soft house-made granary bread was served with butter and a delicious parmesan garlic pesto. That pesto was very good. Too good.

Then the food arrived. I had a couple of starters to make up my meal and the portions were just right. The cold salmon rilete was served first. The mayonnaise was creamy and eggy and made the house smoked salmon silky smooth. It was leaning on the salty end but the refreshing cucumber slices helped to provide some balance.

Next, I had a pot of fresh mussels cooked in coconut cream sauce. While the coconut flavor was mild, the broth was still very flavorful and rich. It was calling out to be slurped, but it would be too sinful. A couple of spoonfuls would satisfy. The mussels were very fresh and remained tender and soft.

My friend had some grilled cod with pork belly. It was beautifully presented and she confirmed it was delicious as well.

Given that there were many mediocre tourist restaurants around, I would recommend Lovat for its well executed food and nice ambience.


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