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Chocolate Mediant Tart from Tiong Bahru Bakery

The bakery is perpetually busy on weekends and to be honest it has not wow'd me enough to have to wait for ages. But, it is decent so when around the area and have a craving for something "carb-y", I do a take away! The queue moves along pretty fast.

[As an aside - the design of the takeaway box is pretty retro. Me like.{

This time around, I tried the chocolate mediant tart. It looked small and manageable. Plus, it was covered with dark chocolate which meant it would not be too sweet.

True enough, I really enjoyed the tart. Underneath the blanket of velvety dark chocolate were whole hazelnuts and chopped dried fruit. Those elements made up the "mediant" of the tart (obsessive bakers or pastry eaters would know), and added much texture and balanced out sweetness.

$6.50 for a tart isn't most cheap snack but what you get are quality ingredients and satisfaction.

So far, I have tried the cereal baguette, the squid ink sandwich, the croissants- plain, almon…

Travel: Mak Noodles (Hong Kong)

Much have been said about Mak Noodles. Made very famous probably by Anthony Bourdain. Lol.

Still the first visit yonks ago didn't form much impression so I decided to revisit it at the Jordan Street location. Packed but still got a seat within minutes, we ordered four dishes and were absolutely stuffed.

Outstanding was definitely the plump wanton and shui gao. They were slightly over $30 HKD per bowl and not as cheap as others relatively, but trust me, worth every penny. Each dumpling was plump and filled with fresh ingredients, and each order was about eight delicious dumplings. The shrimp roe noodles was meh, lacked seasoning and too much noodles too little roe. We got a side order of gailan too. On hindsight, we needn't, because there were a couple of stalks in each bowl of dumplings as well. But gailan just tastes different and so good in HK, we finished up the big plate of greens anyway.

Travel: Simple and Delicious Cafe Warung Murah (Seminyak, Bali)

We chanced upon Cafe Warung Murah in Seminyak when we were trolling the main strip for something to eat, something more local and less sterile than most of the fancy restaurants. 
Here, the atmosphere is like a kopitiam.  The food was authentic and we ordered dishes that were cooked to order. The prices were reasonable and relatively inexpensive - think 3 dishes, 3 drinks cost us around S$16 in total, and the portions are hearty even for 3 (we were 2 people eating). 
For the budget conscious, there is also a selection of precooked dishes that you could pick from, not different from our local "economic rice".  Tuna satay. Meaty and spiced like otah. Delicious. 
Gado Gado, a vegetarian's dream loaded with tons of different greens and a creamy peanut sauce that also packs a bit of heat.  The sauce made the dish really substantial.
You should also try the avocado shake while you are in Indonesia.  A local specialty, the subtle green and buttery flavor from the avocado blend…

Travel: Sunset drinks at Ku De Ta (Bali)

Brunch at Wimbly Lu

On a rare occasion where I could meet the Man early enough to have brunch, we headed to Wimbly Lu.

The menu is limited but sufficient. I was there more for a cup of joe anyway. But the crepe with garlic mushrooms and mozzarella still phit the spot, albeit a little on the small side.

The orange flourless cake was less impressive though. I found it a tad stodgy even though the mild sweetness was very pleasing.

Travel: Arbutus (London, UK)

In London, we had a simple and delightful lunch, perfect for that unusually sunny afternoon, at Arbutus. The location was somewhat in the middle of a busy area of town but it was quite a calm scene inside the restaurant.
The special of the day was a fresh roma tomato salad with chopped green olive, fennel and good olive oil.  Their house-made country bread had a spongy texture that was just perfect for soaking up all that fresh juices and I asked for more; can't let those juices go to waste.
As a second course, I had the squid "burger" with razor clams and wild vegetables.  Oh the squid burger was SO GOOD. It had a bouncy texture, with a bit of bite and wonderfully flavour of fresh seafood. The razor clams were not as meaty as the ones in Scotland for sure, but no less fresh or flavorful.
The desserts weren't that appealing as they sounded much too rich that we wanted so we gave it a pass and went back to the streets.

Travel Review: The Castle Terrace (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Don't judge me but I was getting kinda bored with Edinburgh after a couple of days so much so I was just looking forward to mealtimes just so I could be fascinated about *something*.  No surprises that I was looking forward to lunch at the Castle Terrace, which was located just right at the bottom of the Castle. While it is a Michelin restaurant, from the looks of it, the dress code seemed pretty casual.  No bermudas or shorts, but jeans and sports shoes seemed perfectly acceptable at lunch.  I also loved that the service was professional but still personal and no snooty servers.
The meal started off strong with a selection of whimsical canapes served on a cute little wooden block.  Fresh selection of bread in a equally cute tartan-wrapped basket came alongside.

That was followed by the actual amuse bouche, which was the Chef's take on the Waldorf Salad - chopped green apples, some cookie crumbs, celery foam and some chopped nuts.  I can't say I liked it much but I am so …