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Buko Nero, oldie but goodie

This was a dinner about 3 weeks ago.  It must have been at least 3 years since I last dined at Buko Nero.  I guess that's what happens when a restaurant requires far too advance of a reservation, I forget about it!
Nothing much has changed though, the key folks,Oscar, Tracy and her mother, they are still there. I thought the ventilation has improved but as the night progressed, I thought otherwise (hahaha, but I deal). Menu-wise, the favorite dishes are still on there and the 5-course set dinner is still a steal, albeit now at $55+.  We decided to go ala carte though, after a few items on the daily specials sounded appetizing.  But before the meal started proper, we were served our amuse bouche and the homemade foccacia, familiar and as good as before.

amuse bouche: cucumber with cream cheese and ikura

Appetizers included the tau kwa tower which had strong robust flavors, a light and refreshing burratini with pomelo salad, and a thick creamy broccoli and basil pesto soup (made without cream, Tracy always emphasizes that point). 

tau kwa tower

After the appetizers, we got our palatte cleansers, which I thought was usually served after the main course, before desserts.  Oh well.

palatte cleanser: raspberry and lime sorbet
Main courses included the cod fish crusted with black crumbs (squid ink) and a coconut lime broth. It tasted rather Oriental.

cod with squid ink crumb crust

My order was a special - cod fish crusted with a spicy crisp crumb and a tomato base sauce with fresh seasonal vegetables.  I loved the oily texture of the cod fish and the tomato sauce was robust to pair the fish nicely.

cod fish with tomato sauce
The Man had his meat.  Usually he goes for beef but decided to try veal. Unfortunately he didn't like it too much for he thought the veal was rather tasteless.  It wasn't that the dish wasn't good, but it was his personal preference for strong meaty flavors that veal could not possess anyway.

veal wrapped with bacon

Dessert was rather ho-hum. The milk chocolate cake (a staple on the menu) with ginger gelato was a clear winner by far, over the white chocolate tart with green tea (a daily special that was lacking in white chocolate and green tea flavors).

white chocolate green tea tart

milk chocolate cake with ginger gelato and caramel sauce
Glad Buko Nero continues to be a dependable place with delicious food to be enjoyed with small group of friends, when the stars align ;)


Bern said…
They let u take photos?!? WOW!

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