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Chong Qing Grilled Fish

Are men usually creatures of habit?  My Man is, especially when it comes to food.  He always goes to the same places (not many, either!).  So, I have decided to do a review on all places he has introduced me to :)

So first up.....Chong Qing Grilled Fish.  Essentially, the restaurant specialises in these grilled fish dish that is a whole fish rubbed with a mixture of spices, first grilled until the spices had thoroughly flavored the fish, then put into a hot pot to simmer with other ingredients.

One could choose the type of fish (seabass, grouper or carp), the size of fish (medium or large), the type of broth (there are a few types but I can't remember them all except ma la 麻辣, fragrant and spicy 香辣, pickled cabbage 酸菜 , fermented black bean 豆豉).  

He was introduced to Chong Qing Grilled Fish by a friend and has always gone back there since.  The restaurant has two branches, but we go to the one located at Liang Seah Street, which was always busy and packed at meal times.

We usually order a grilled fish with additional ingredients like konnyaku, enoki mushrooms, etc. to make the meal more substantial and balanced.  The cold dishes are also pretty decent.  We particuarly like the marinated japanese cucumbers as they provide refreshing respites when we attack the ma la 麻辣 fish, and the liang pi 凉皮 (a type of mung bean noodle).

chong qing grilled fish - ma la version

marinated cucumbers (left) and cold mung bean noodles (right)
Beware of the portion size - a medium fish could be overwhelming for two, even for me, the cat in disguise. So usually indulge once in a while and when we do, we roll out of the restaurant (not literally!). But it is good and it opens til 4am so we keep it in mind when we need late dinners or suppers.


imp said…
OMG. That fish is the one i'm most frightened by. More like, the mala that kills me. My partner cannot eat at the same few places. I can. Heh.

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