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Murugan Idi House

This chain originated from India and is supposedly reputed for its idli. I love idlis so I wanted to try Murugan when it was first opened.  Unfortunately, stars didn't align and now, Murugan has expanded from one to 3 outlets! Finally though, I was able to arrange a meal at the Race Course Road outlet.

Menu is not very complex. The idli, thosai and uttappam are the main staples, and there are some variants of these staples (eg. with butter, egg, onions etc). No masala chai was available. Alas. A meal in Little India isn't quite complete without chai.

Sambar plus 4 types of chutney were served with the meal. The idlis arrived piping hot. Surprisingly fluffy, it had a mild sweet note and the texture was just perfect for soaking up the sauces. Without me asking, one server noticed we were running low on our sambar and he checked with us if we would like more.   "Yes please!". I love the sambar :)  Granted the restaurant was not so busy but I really appreciated his in…

Review: Chin Huat Live Seafood

The Man was first brought to Chin Huat on a work occasion.  He walked away so impressed with the food he quickly arranged for us to try it too.  Since then, we went back yet again because his brother was craving the lobster.

Located at a relatively quiet neighborhood, the restaurant was bustling in contrast.  Tanks of fresh seafood clustered in a corner really whetted our appetites as we walked past them to the table.

On the first occasion, the Man insisted we must try the crab with golden sauce, and the Boston lobster with bee hoon.  In addition, we ordered some other dishes as well like kang kong with sambal, homemade tofu with crab, razor clams that could be had by the piece (which is great!) and a seafood hor fun.

The lobster was sold by weight. We had a pretty big one, around 2 kg  and the dish made a grand appearance on a huge platter.  The lobster was cooked with a bit of broth, and we added fried bee hoon to make the meal more substantial. The lobster was meaty but rather che…

Out with the old

The mother was nagging at my insane number of shoes that had overpopulated the cabinet and spilling out onto the surrounding areas. So I made a mental note to do a spring clean to make space.
While I was out, I came across a pair of shoes at Kate Spade. How timely! Since I would be spring cleaning and making space later, I had no qualms about snapping up this beauty that is now sitting in a proper spot in the shoe cabinet.

Capri Trattoria

The usual gang met up to celebrate a birthday at Capri Trattoria at Binjai Park. It was my first time there and I was pleasantly surprised by how casual and homely the restaurant was. It was packed for a Sunday night, with quite a number casual neighborhood guests dressed in polos and berms.

Being in a large group meant we could order tons of dishes to try.  However, we placed our orders slightly after 8:30pm and a lot of items on the specials and the ala carte menu, were no longer available. What we ordered though, was generally very decent and walloped by the hungry folks.

The caprese was delicious as burrata was used and there were super sweet cherry tomatoes.  Another standout was the truffle cream pizza that had a heady and intoxicating fragrance lingering even after the pizza was devoured.

Some of the misses included one of the daily specials, grilled calamari,  was simply done over the grill and drizzled with a bit of oil and good balsamic vinegar as dressing.  But it was slig…