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Review: Chin Huat Live Seafood

The Man was first brought to Chin Huat on a work occasion.  He walked away so impressed with the food he quickly arranged for us to try it too.  Since then, we went back yet again because his brother was craving the lobster.

Located at a relatively quiet neighborhood, the restaurant was bustling in contrast.  Tanks of fresh seafood clustered in a corner really whetted our appetites as we walked past them to the table.

On the first occasion, the Man insisted we must try the crab with golden sauce, and the Boston lobster with bee hoon.  In addition, we ordered some other dishes as well like kang kong with sambal, homemade tofu with crab, razor clams that could be had by the piece (which is great!) and a seafood hor fun.

The lobster was sold by weight. We had a pretty big one, around 2 kg  and the dish made a grand appearance on a huge platter.  The lobster was cooked with a bit of broth, and we added fried bee hoon to make the meal more substantial. The lobster was meaty but rather chewy.  I don't think it was overcooked, but just the nature of this particularly lobster.  However, the bee hoon underneath failed - it was so bland.  However, the second time we went, we decided to give it another go and thank goodness, the bee hoon this time around was fantastic, with lots of char and wok hei. 

Onto the crab with golden sauce, I suppose was pretty unique. It was sweet, salty, buttery, all at once. While it isn't a salted egg yolk sauce per se, I suspect there are still elements of that being used in the golden sauce. The crab was overcooked unfortunately.  Bits of the meat got stuck on the shells.

We got an individual portion of seafood hor fun that was pretty average.

The tofu with crabmeat sauce was surprisingly my favorite dish for the night. Tofu was delicious and soft, and the crabmeat plentiful. There was also a huge amount of spinach greens lining the bottom of the dish.  It would have made a vegetable dish too!  Good or bad depending on your liking for vegetables.  We ordered this again on our second visit.

The razor clams were cooked with bits of tang hoon. I found the clams overcooked and rubbery and not on my repeat list.

Overall, the prices at Chin Huat are really reasonable, not far different from tze char in the neighborhood really.  A keeper, except it's pretty far from my place.


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