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Of a Rude Awakening & Latteria Mozzarella Bar


This wedding business, ironically, really is an apt occasion to weed out "friends" versus genuine folks who actually care two hoots about us. I am amazed at how defensive some people can get when we simply went back to them to ask about the RSVP status after sending out our "save the date" card.

"But I don't know my schedule then what!"be imply tells me you are not interested. So why not answer with a "no" and accompany that with a cordial excuse? I can accept that just fine.

In any case, it would take such an episode to have me come to my senses. I decided this bunch of "friends" aren't worth my time and effort any longer. Am I too harsh? RSVP etiquette is not that hard to grasp - reply with yes, no or maybe.

The only comforting thing that day was the dinner. Simple, delicious food at Latteria Mozzarella Bar. It kept me distracted. Nicked a couple of bites of the cheeses (about $20 each) and I ordered a grilled sea …

Of our first time to Little Vietnam and Quynh Giao Quan An Vietnam Restaurant

The more popular Long Phung Vietnamese restaurant had a queue snaking out of the entrance and onto the pavement. We didn't want to wait, as we didn't have any benchmarks or expectations for the food from Little Vietnam of Singapore  So we strolled to the end of the road where there was another crowded Vietnamese eatery with still.a couple free seats.  
The Man wasn't familiar with th cuisine so I kinda made up his choice.  His: bun thit or rice noodles with grilled pork. 
It looks very plain and I expected more pork. Tossing the noodles with the fish sauce revealed lots of crunchy bean sprouts and herbs beneath so it was really not bad. 
Mine: sour seafood soup with some strange spongy vegetables (maybe banana stem? Or some sort of gourd). It was OK. I love that they were generous with the mint and bean sprouts as the soup was rather sweet and sour so it could be quite heavy after a while. 

We also ordered fresh rolls to share. Nothing unusual but very competent, fresh ingred…

Of Chronic Headache and Loysel's Toy

So, over the last year and a half I have been getting frequent bouts of headaches. They aren't as unbearable as migraines (and I can only imagine) but still can sap the energy and any positivity out of me. 
I thought it would go away after several trips to the TCM for tuina and accupuncture. But they didn't and in fact, the pain became more intense. I was asked if it was my posture and height of my pillow. I don't know. But I have been officially diagnosed with chronic headache and can only find ways to prevent and manage the pains when they strike.
I must say, tuina and acupuncture do wonders. But note to self: must go regularly, pain or no pain. The treatment helps to relax the neck and shoulder muscles and the periods of "downtime" will be enhanced.
In between working hours, I try to remind myself to exercise my neck and rotate shoulders.  
At home, I found that sleeping in a certain position would almost certainly activate the pain to the point where I would be a…

No Shiok Queuing at Koh Sushi Grill

I long know about the Shiok! Maki from Koh Sushi and Grill. But the mayonnaise sauce laden maki never appealed. A while back though, we were there by chance. The Man had to meet his friend to pass him some documents, and the friend was queuing to eat at Koh's. He aske if we wanted to join them and so we did. He had been queuing for more than an hour and we just joined in the queue :p
Ordered the Shiok maki with eel an with fried prawn just to compare the two generations. The Man, while he enjoyed the sushi, felt the sauce was everything and thus drowned the flavors of the individual ingredients.
Surprisingly the rest of the cooked food was competent and price was reasonable. But I would not queue for more than ten minutes. 

Koh sushi grill and bar 5th floor Wisma Atria foodcourt

A year older, a year wiser

The Man's still quite a softie. He bought me wild flowers (love!) though he doesn't quite believe or "get it". 
I knew he wouldn't have planned anything firm given my picky tastebuds so I decided to take the chance to revisit an oldie Italian restaurant, Senso. I haven't been back since, gosh more than 5 years? 
The restaurant still looks elegant and classy but the courtyard is now concrete. The open air vat on a cool evening made sitting outdoors just as pleasant. No mosquitos!
We didn't want much carbs or eat too much so we merely shared a starter and ordered a main course each. 
We were served a basket of warm bread assortment with olive oil. Then an amuse of air dried ham with sour cream mousse came along. The service staff was friendly without being intrusive. 

The burrata is one dish that never fails to get my attention. Good initiative on the restaurant's part to already half the dish onto individual plates as I had mentioned we were sharing. Kudos!

Post-lunch Recovery Booster at The Bravery

One trying afternoon we were struggling to keep awake post a wedding lunch, I suggested to check out The Bravery. It was 6-ish pm when we were there. Straggling number of guests left and we had choice seats available to choose from.
It was a piccolo for me and a latte for him. Usually I take a piccolo when I want a stronger kick. But this was just about right; a latte would have been overly milky to me.
As we didn't feel too hungry after the wedding, we shared a tartine. It was surprisingly good. I loved the middle eastern flavors; him, not so much.  

Dutch Colony Coffee

Rare for the Man to pay enough attention on food he ate and remembered enough to recommend to me. The Red Velvet Cake from Dutch Colony Coffee was an example of such a rare occasion that we had to go back again so I could try.

As you can see, the cake is not the typical red-food-dye-super-red cake. Instead, it was leaning between a brown and maroon shade. Taste-wise the cocoa was definitely present, and overall not too sweet. The thin layer of cream cheese frosting was just sufficient to sweeten and not overload.

The coffee was pretty decent.

On another occasion, I wanted coffee and he wanted cake, no, make that two. Peanut butter chocolate cake was much too moist and stodgey, and the lemon pound cake was very average, a bit dry on the sides that didn't get a soaking of syrup.

I love the pretty cupcake plate though. Nice thought to use unusual serving ware :) Dutch Colony Coffee located within Pasarbella, Turf City

Of Quayside Isle (Sentosa)

Quayside Isle of Sentosa never did have a strong enough appeal to pull the man and I to visit, unless such a time as this when we just merely want to enjoy the company of our good friends who had made plans and beckoned us to this side of town. Surrounded by yachts and boats, it felt like we were away from Singapore, on a holiday of sorts, a respite even for a few hours.
And dinner was at Ezoca. I didn't know there was a Japanese restaurant at Quayside, much less that Ezoca is a Japanese restaurant because of the atypical name. But it was brought to my attention when I saw a couple of reviews on the net.  It seems to be somewhat fine dining (no salarymen seen) and focuses on serving seasonal set course dinners, though there is also ala carte available.
Dinner course was $288 per person and there is a small discount for 2 or more diners in a party. Not everyday food, but then quality Japanese food never is cheap, even in Japan. As with typical course dinner, we had lots of differ…

Post-Holiday Craving

Never would have thought I would have a craving for udon! I blame it on the parting scene right at udon shop located within the New Chitose Airport that went somewhat like this: 
We just had a very satisfying meal of soba from a soba-ya and was just walking our time away when we chanced upon the udon shop. We could see the diners all slurping away. The customized self-service ordering system, the free flow of crispy tempura batter bits, the beautiful thick strands of udon, they called out to be. But wistfully we walked away, stomach too full for anther bite.
So suddenly I had the urge to satisfy that unmet udon craving. Off to Tamoya udon at level 1 of Meidi-ya, which fitted the bill. I got the kama-tama udon, which needed 19 mins to prepare. Fresh noodles were prepared then tossed with a raw egg. A side bowl of tempura sauce was served, which you could pour over the noodles to season as you like. I added loads of spring onions which added a bit of texture and kick. The long strands of …

"Unforgettable" dinner at the Chui Huay Lim Club

Before the dinner invitation, I never knew this club existed, much less that Jumbo Group's Teochew restaurant, named after the club, also existed. I also didn't know that the restaurant has a huge seating capacity. The main restaurant is located on the first floor, together with another outlet of Ng Ah Sio Bah Kut Teh.  Upstairs, they were also serving (wedding) diners at the main function hall, as well as a line of private rooms along the sides of that hall, fitted with karaoke sets. 

I guess my point is, there was hardly sufficient parking capacity within the clubhouse itself to fit all the guests. We had to make a round out to the main road, back into the little alley road opposite to find street parking. It was full too, but luck was with us, we took the last public parking lot available. I pity the rest of the guests because there was no other legal parking nearby 100 meters. Public parking might not be a bad idea for the future if I had to go back again on a Saturday/S…

Travel Eats: Crab at Kani Honke (Sapporo, Japan)

The friends asked me what I wanted to eat for our first meal in Sapporo. I wanted everything. LOL. 
Uni Murakami was one of my top choices to eat, but it was closed for lunch on weekends. So, crab, it was then.  
Googling led us to Kani Honke, just a few minutes away from Sapporo Station. The restaurant name literally means something like "house of crab" and we had to remove our shoes, take the elevator up to the 3rd floor where we were given a private room, tatami style.

We ordered a variety of different crabs, actually our Japanese friend did the ordering. 
First we got a mixed crab plate. Taraba, kegani and king crab. Note the portion meant for 2-3 persons is pretty small :)

Then I insisted on trying crab sashimi and  the friend got the taraba crab sashimi.  Fluke order of the meal. Why? Hmm, the texture was mushy and there was hardly any flavor. Crabs are tastier cooked!

Because we were barely filled, we got a whole taraba (our fave amongst the three types) and ate our heart…

Travel Eats: Mai Japanese Dining (Tokyo)

The restaurant is Westin Hotel's Japanese restaurant. Our business associate chose the place for convenience but as it turned out, food was very good.  The lunch menu is pretty varied, lots of sets and mini kaiseki courses.

We took the mid-priced course at 5,000 Y per person and the following was what we had:

Travel Eats: Le Bernardin (New York)

Fantastic lunch at Le Bernardin when I was in NY last month. Thanks to my lunch companion, we got comp'd a few desserts. Lunch menu is US$75 for 3 courses (excluding tax).  Will definitely recommend for anyone who loves seafood and fish to visit Le Bernardin. Chef Ripert is a genius!

A different kinda day and Commune Cafe

I am a creature of habit. But this weekend without the comfort of a car, I convinced the Man to take the train to check out Millenia Walk's new cafes. 
And life throws us curveballs sometimes. It was there at Millenia Walk, at a random bench, we had an emotional and heartfelt conversation. It wasn't an easy discussion but it was the right thing to do  and I think we walked out of it better people.  
Then we got to the point of our visit. Patisserie G called out to me but we haven't had lunch so up to Commune Cafe we went for a simple smoked salmon panini and cup of joe. 
$4.50 for a Gibraltar latte (staff explained it was double shot with less milk, like a piccolo latte) and $5 for a regular latte. Beans from Liberty. My Gibraltar was ok though it wasn't as aromatic as I would like.  
Smoked salmon panini was good but the portion was rather small ($9), which left us room for cake!
The red velvet cake was supposedly their best seller ($6?). It was rather dense and was not at…