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Boutique studios or Fitness Gym?

I am at a bit of dilemma at the moment. The long story short - should I continue at a yoga boutique or sign up at a fitness gym instead?

My situation is that I go for yoga and Pilates at least once a week each and I have separate memberships for each activity. I like the current options because they are small, and the teachers are attentive. And no problems with signing up for class or coming in last minute which is mostly what I do.

Pilates cost $45/class (reformer) and yoga $23/class. Rarely but occasionally yoga more than once. Thus, my total cost of these activities could cost between $272 up to $364 per month. Additionally, said yoga place is changing the cost model to only offer per-month-unlimited-class, where it would cost $2450/year (which would still be more expensive than per class basis).

So now I am in the phase of life where the need to save is critical, and obviously fitness expense is an area to consider making improvements.

I don't like big gyms mainly because …

First trip of 2013 - to Taipei!

It has been 2 weeks since my trip to Taipei. It marked my first air travel of 2013 and lasted just 4 days and 3 nights.  Not a trip of my choice admittedly, but I made do and made sure I enjoyed my time with the Man.  So, what do I remember of it?

1. Scoot Airlines - my first time on this airline and I would say it is more comfortable than budget aircraft, but just as no-frills. We paid extra to get more leg room and ended up in a front row situation where we cannot prop our legs in any way to make ourselves comfortable enough to catch some sleep. So in fact, I was one unhappy, sleepy and tired woman when I arrived.  If I had a choice, budget airlines is fine. Red eye flight is not.

2. Cold and rainy - weather in early January was wet, wet, wet. It was pouring when we arrived and the following days too.  Not only that, it was windy too.  No umbrella would have withstood those strong winds. It would be a good idea to have a full length raincoat and water-resistant boots, so you could …