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Review: Nana green tea

Do you have an unhealthy green tea obsession like me? I am so pleased that there are a couple of matcha houses sprouting up on our island., Nana Green Tea being one of them.  When they first opened their first outlet in JCube, it was too out of the way for me to go. Now they have an outlet at the new wing of Plaza Singapura and that is just perfect. I tried the signature green tea parfait and their hot green tea latte.  Both of them were good. Just like those in Japan, a little too sweet and a little sinful. The parfait is very sweet, I got quite sick in my stomach after ploughing through 3/4 of it very quickly.  Definitely a treat for once in a blue moon.

Fitness: A decision at last!

A while ago, I was faced with a decision to make. My then-yoga studio was undergoing rebranding and introducing a new cost model, from having the option of paying on a per-class basis, to only per month basis. So I thought I might as well shop around for a new fitness option, since the rates were not compelling enough for me to stay loyal, and more practically, the location was not that convenient via MRT.

I was also doing pilates regularly.  Both activities are quite costly individually, and I was advised to check out fitness gyms with both yoga and pilates classes as a compromise. I did. I found Fitness First to be a good choice because of the convenient locations available and also it was recommended by my friends who are members. 

But, I could not get past the feeling that yoga and pilates classes in a fitness gym would never be as good as dedicated yoga and pilates studios. I decided that I would let pilates take a backseat for now while I would focus on finding a new home for m…

Review: Creamier

Located in Toa Payoh estate is another artisanal ice cream parlor. Despite its not-too-convenient location, it was really crowded both times I was there. Rightfully so, because the ice cream is pretty impressive in general.

The scoops are generous and the service friendly and enthusiastic. The shop space is pretty tiny but cosy. On a breezy evening, one could opt to takeaway and sit at the playground just in front if the store gets full.

Go for the dairy-based flavors; I find them better than the sorbets. Personal favorites: chocolate hazelnut and chocolate peppermint. Pistachio was pretty awesome for the first few mouthfuls then it quickly got pretty dull. The Man loves the salted gula melaka but I found it a bit too sweet. There are more than 10 flavors so I'm sure you can find one you fancy.

What I want to try next is the thick waffles. They looked very enticing with slightly browned grids, deep, big and hearty!

Blk128, Toa Payoh Lorong 1
6250 1476

Review: Stranger's Reunion

This was a long overdue post about Stranger's Reunion. Sure, the location might not be super convenient, but it's still accessible via mrt (outram).

And there's much to like about this indie cafe. For starters, the mismatch vintage furniture throughout the little cafe was full of character and I can't help but wonder the story behind each of them.

Their signature "Magic", a double shot with just enough milk, was delicious, aromatic and smooth. The Man polished two of them within minutes.

Then there's the buttermilk waffles. Their waffle has a thin crusty layer on the outside, wrapping a more heavier / moist cake inside. If you belong to the Wimbly Lu camp of crispy light /dry waffles, this might not be your thing.

The Greek yogurt with fruit and honey was faultless, but could do with maybe a side of extra syrup as the big deep grids on the perimeter were just screaming for more syrup so ask for it. Be also aware, the yogurt inevitable will soften the …