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Travel Eats: New England Seafood Company (Chicago)

I love lobster and it is usually such an expensive affair back home that when I'm in the US, I would try to take advantage of the (relatively) cheap lobster market.

When I was in Chicago and it was one of those days where I could hardly stay awake from jetlag, I made my way out of downtown Chicago to the city of Lincoln area to try one of Chicago's more recognized lobster rolls. The Brown line on the city train brought me straight to Paulina Station and after, it was like a short 3 min walk to the shop.

New England Seafood Company reminds me of our Greenwood Fish Market. It is essentially a seafood market, but with an extra shop front for dining in.  There were a few specials that drew my attention, but I was not particularly hungry to begin with so I just focused on the lobster roll.

It was served with fries but I got it changed to sautéed vegetables to balance out the sinfulness a little.

How was it? I have to say it was disappointing.  First, the good. It was a generous portion of chunky lobster meat. Such a luxury to not have to do all the work to retrieve the meat.  The lobster tasted sweet and fresh. The bun was freshly grilled, toasty and warm.  All the good things going for the roll.  BUT, there is obviously a but.  
The lobster salad was also cold, like, fresh-out-of-fridge cold. So cold that the butter/mayo that should have been well mixed in with the lobster chunks was solidified in between pockets of space. Is this normal?
I didn't make a fuss because I didn't want to bring attention to myself. I knew they would replace it for me without question, but I just was not in the mood. It tasted fine but I just can't help feeling like it was an extra leftover roll from the night before, that they just changed the bun and transferred the filling :(

So I would recommend this place if you have the time to kill and want to explore out of downtown Chicago. Be sure to ask for a fresh roll :)

3341 N Lincoln Ave Chicago, IL 60657
Tel: (773) 871-3474


Aww. Well, it looks quite delicious! :)


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