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Travel Eats: Crab at Kani Honke (Sapporo, Japan)

The friends asked me what I wanted to eat for our first meal in Sapporo. I wanted everything. LOL. 

Uni Murakami was one of my top choices to eat, but it was closed for lunch on weekends. So, crab, it was then.  

Googling led us to Kani Honke, just a few minutes away from Sapporo Station. The restaurant name literally means something like "house of crab" and we had to remove our shoes, take the elevator up to the 3rd floor where we were given a private room, tatami style.

We ordered a variety of different crabs, actually our Japanese friend did the ordering. 

First we got a mixed crab plate. Taraba, kegani and king crab. Note the portion meant for 2-3 persons is pretty small :)

Then I insisted on trying crab sashimi and  the friend got the taraba crab sashimi.  Fluke order of the meal. Why? Hmm, the texture was mushy and there was hardly any flavor. Crabs are tastier cooked!

Because we were barely filled, we got a whole taraba (our fave amongst the three types) and ate our hearts out. I loved the crab miso best. Ate the entire shellfull and ignored the cholesterol bomb ticking in my head. 

We also ordered a kani-meshi and some side dishes to fill us up. 

Overall, I wasn't that impressed with this meal. Oh well, at least I had given the famous Hokkaido kani a go. 


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