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No Shiok Queuing at Koh Sushi Grill

I long know about the Shiok! Maki from Koh Sushi and Grill. But the mayonnaise sauce laden maki never appealed. A while back though, we were there by chance. The Man had to meet his friend to pass him some documents, and the friend was queuing to eat at Koh's. He aske if we wanted to join them and so we did. He had been queuing for more than an hour and we just joined in the queue :p
Ordered the Shiok maki with eel an with fried prawn just to compare the two generations. The Man, while he enjoyed the sushi, felt the sauce was everything and thus drowned the flavors of the individual ingredients.
Surprisingly the rest of the cooked food was competent and price was reasonable. But I would not queue for more than ten minutes. 

Koh sushi grill and bar 5th floor Wisma Atria foodcourt

A year older, a year wiser

The Man's still quite a softie. He bought me wild flowers (love!) though he doesn't quite believe or "get it". 
I knew he wouldn't have planned anything firm given my picky tastebuds so I decided to take the chance to revisit an oldie Italian restaurant, Senso. I haven't been back since, gosh more than 5 years? 
The restaurant still looks elegant and classy but the courtyard is now concrete. The open air vat on a cool evening made sitting outdoors just as pleasant. No mosquitos!
We didn't want much carbs or eat too much so we merely shared a starter and ordered a main course each. 
We were served a basket of warm bread assortment with olive oil. Then an amuse of air dried ham with sour cream mousse came along. The service staff was friendly without being intrusive. 

The burrata is one dish that never fails to get my attention. Good initiative on the restaurant's part to already half the dish onto individual plates as I had mentioned we were sharing. Kudos!