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Of a Rude Awakening & Latteria Mozzarella Bar


This wedding business, ironically, really is an apt occasion to weed out "friends" versus genuine folks who actually care two hoots about us. I am amazed at how defensive some people can get when we simply went back to them to ask about the RSVP status after sending out our "save the date" card.

"But I don't know my schedule then what!"be imply tells me you are not interested. So why not answer with a "no" and accompany that with a cordial excuse? I can accept that just fine.

In any case, it would take such an episode to have me come to my senses. I decided this bunch of "friends" aren't worth my time and effort any longer. Am I too harsh? RSVP etiquette is not that hard to grasp - reply with yes, no or maybe.

The only comforting thing that day was the dinner. Simple, delicious food at Latteria Mozzarella Bar. It kept me distracted. Nicked a couple of bites of the cheeses (about $20 each) and I ordered a grilled sea …

Of our first time to Little Vietnam and Quynh Giao Quan An Vietnam Restaurant

The more popular Long Phung Vietnamese restaurant had a queue snaking out of the entrance and onto the pavement. We didn't want to wait, as we didn't have any benchmarks or expectations for the food from Little Vietnam of Singapore  So we strolled to the end of the road where there was another crowded Vietnamese eatery with still.a couple free seats.  
The Man wasn't familiar with th cuisine so I kinda made up his choice.  His: bun thit or rice noodles with grilled pork. 
It looks very plain and I expected more pork. Tossing the noodles with the fish sauce revealed lots of crunchy bean sprouts and herbs beneath so it was really not bad. 
Mine: sour seafood soup with some strange spongy vegetables (maybe banana stem? Or some sort of gourd). It was OK. I love that they were generous with the mint and bean sprouts as the soup was rather sweet and sour so it could be quite heavy after a while. 

We also ordered fresh rolls to share. Nothing unusual but very competent, fresh ingred…

Of Chronic Headache and Loysel's Toy

So, over the last year and a half I have been getting frequent bouts of headaches. They aren't as unbearable as migraines (and I can only imagine) but still can sap the energy and any positivity out of me. 
I thought it would go away after several trips to the TCM for tuina and accupuncture. But they didn't and in fact, the pain became more intense. I was asked if it was my posture and height of my pillow. I don't know. But I have been officially diagnosed with chronic headache and can only find ways to prevent and manage the pains when they strike.
I must say, tuina and acupuncture do wonders. But note to self: must go regularly, pain or no pain. The treatment helps to relax the neck and shoulder muscles and the periods of "downtime" will be enhanced.
In between working hours, I try to remind myself to exercise my neck and rotate shoulders.  
At home, I found that sleeping in a certain position would almost certainly activate the pain to the point where I would be a…