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Impromptu is Good at Jones the Grocer

Needing to kill some time and a craving for good coffee, we decided on impromptu to stop by Dempsey for coffee. Before we could reach our destination, the Man was distracted by the weekend market over at Carnivore's. Stopped by to check it out. It was not very interesting save a stall selling stainless steel bowls and utensils, etc. 

Then we got on to our destination proper. It was fairly packed still at about 3:30pm but we managed to get a seat by the counter for a coffee and cake.  The big block of gluten free chocolate brownie tempted us and we got it. $5.50 was a good deal as the portion was rather big. Surprisingly it was not very clumpy dense as I would have expected out of a GF baked product but then after a little thought, yup, it's essentially a flourless chocolate cake using egg whites and ground almond meal to give it the lightness yet yet no flour required!  

There was no piccolo latte on the menu so I asked for a flat white with less milk ($5). Bad move as the coffee was much more robust (in a good way) than I had expected so more milk would have been needed to neutralize the acidity a little better. I had to use sweetener for this and that somewhat made the drink a little more palatable but not entirely enjoyable. My bad and note to self: Jones' coffee is strong. Don't "gey kiang" and change anything!


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