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Deliciousness in Penang (Part I)

The Man loves driving, especially the "fast and furious" kind of scene and as you would imagine, it is rather difficult to drive like that in a very small and regulated country like Singapore. So every now and then, we head up north, take advantage of their way of handling traffic matters in their typical "Malaysia boleh" fashion, and test the performance of his car *wink*.

On a roadtrip to Penang. Revisited some favorites, discovered a couple of new treasures, and returned happy and belly filled. I wish I was not in this situation where I would be wearing a wedding dress in a couple of months though. Penang hawker food is definitely not healthy. Plus, it was mentally challenging not to overeat the deliciousness!

As usual, it was breakfast at the MacAlister Lane coffeeshop selling chee cheong fun and char kway kak. The stores close around 1:30pm.  Do note that MacAlister Lane and Jalan MacAlister are two different lanes.  We ordered a large portion of ccf and a me…

Catching up at Pollen at Gardens by the Bay

It was nice to be able to catch up with a foodie friend over lunch at Pollen. It was by chance I was on leave and could take the time to go somewhere less accessible. I wouldn't have gone to GBTB otherwise to be honest. 
Finding the restaurant was a little tricky but eventually after a 10 minute detour I found it. 
I love to be sitting in the open light. And their decorative plates are so pretty. 
We ordered a set lunch each. Honestly, food was pretty hit and miss. The friend's main course of fish was undercooked. And we got complimentary "mini Magnus ala Pollen" as a way to apologize for that oversight. It was far more delicious than the main dessert and the real Magnum! 
In any case, the company made up for whatever shortfall the food had.