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Blind Date at Jamie's Oliver

No, not a blind date for me, but we organised one for our mutual friends over dinner at Jamie's Italian.  The food was pretty decent, didn't have to queue because we made a reservation in advance. But it was fairly easy to get a table via walk-in on that Sunday night. 
Because I had read so many bad reviews online, I made sure to research on what were mentioned to be good. In the appetizers, we got the calamari, fried cauliflower and baked mushrooms. The first two were very good, the mushrooms were a little dried out, maybe they were sliced a little too thinly? I don't know, but I just wished they were meatier and juicier.  While the tastes were good, be aware the portions are puny. Really a 1 for 1 person portion. 

I got the whole snapper for my mains. I loved it and it didn't taste like Teochew steam fish as one blogger complained in his/her blog. The fish was super fresh and the capers, olives and tomatos made a lovely slightly tangy sauce that complemented the fis…

Banana Leaf Apolo

I often head straight to Samy's Curry whenever I crave a curry fish head fix. I like the atmosphere there as compared to Little India where I feel it could be more chaotic. But the MIL didn't really like the curry there, complaining the curry wasn't fragrant enough.

My next other choice would be Banana Leaf Apolo. But I prefer to view the two restaurants' fish head curry as different, both equally delicious with different twists but where most importantly, fish was fresh and not overcooked. Anyway, the next time MIL came along for fish head, we made sure to go to Banana Leaf Apolo. 
There is a big public parking lot just across the street, so that was pretty convenient. Once in, we found a spot amongst the big communal tables that could seat the eight of us, and proceeded to order our food. We ordered a large fish head, and a serving of free-flowing rice and vegetables each, to accompany the different curries we added on. It would be my first time having dishes at Ban…

Meals at Club 124

Growing up in a household where my mom would put out dinner by hook or crook, I knew I wanted to be able to provide the same for my own family. Starting easy now with just the Man, even then I realized very quickly, it isn't easy for a working person. 
After work and putting in some gym time, we often reach home at the earliest, 8pm or mostly, nearly 9pm. I struggled to put together a meal most times, mainly due to self-induced stress to provide variety for the Man (while I'm generally happy eating the same things just to live). More often than I would prefer, a lot of the meals feature many instant or processed food products put together. 
But I have since realized, so what if I can't make everything from scratch? So long there's good effort to try to make the meal healthy and satisfying, my objective is achieved, no matter. 
So, I want to introduce two of my favorite go-to meals when time is short. 
1. Wraps
There didn't used to be many available, but now, you can get…