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Of BBQ and birthdays

The Man absolutely loves BBQ'ing his meat (ok, beef actually) and rounded up a bunch of our friends for a BBQ session in the name of celebrating May birthdays as well. 
It was great session, too much food, and too much jokes and laughs. Exactly what a good weekend should be. 
I got a birthday cake from Prima Deli, primarily out of convenience. I didn't expect to see a more premium range available. I asked the aunties what the differences between the regular chocolate cake versus the premium.  Sadly the aunties can't really tell me but they pointed me to the cake descriptors in a folder and I read that the premium chocolate uses Valhrona!  At $48.90/kg, it was still nowhere expensive so I went for it. Most of the friends thought the cake was actually really decent and surprised to learn it was from Prima Deli. For me, I'm just glad to see this familiar local brand upgrading to cater to new demands of today's consumers. Constant improvement through understanding the ev…

Catchin Up at Revolution Coffee

So happy to have an extra day off in the week, and managed to tie down the girlfriend for a quick catch up. She has been busy lately, new job, new boyfriend, etc. Time is precious at this stage in life. We were in the vicinity of Buona Vista  and she, the cafe-chaser and coffee junkie, suggested we go pay Revolution Coffee a visit. I didn't know that the place had existed since more than a year ago!

Located in the secluded part of Portsdown Road, once you see a standalone building called Infinite Studios, you are at the right place. Revolution Coffee looks quite like many other indie coffee joints, industrial look, lots of upcycling, etc. Their own house coffee bean that day was a single origin, and the taste, hopefully in a simple to understand explanation, leans towards the Papa Palheta type, which is quite easy and smooth, light fragrance. They also offer a blend by Smitten Coffee, which we didn't try. Apparently they have a famous banana cake but we weren't in the moo…

Inspired by Second Charm

Thanks to my dear friend Y, I was introduced to the world of Second Charm, a furniture shop that specializes in vintage furniture and mid-century style furniture. I went to visit the little corner they had gotten at the last Public Garden, followed quickly by a visit to the shop at Kallang proper. 

I promptly fell in love with almost everything in sight, and I had to peel myself away, knowing that I cannot make any purchases until the house renovation is sorted out proper at the end of the year :(

Check out their website and you will know what I mean!

Second Charm