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Shinji with the Man

It seems that once upon a time, I had been so eager to try out as many new restaurants or cafes as possible. It made me feel so "happening". Alas, with age, and maturity, I know that is silly. Besides, I can no longer eat all I want. My stomach seems to have shrunk and I put on weight more easily if I don't make an effort to work out or watch my diet. Most importantly though, with ongoing major milestones in my life as a thirty-something, newly married female, going out and indulgences have definitely taken a step backward in priority.

Nevertheless, special occasions do re-spark my interest to try new experiences, as if to commemorate the events. Most recently, as a treat to the Man and also to mark our first quarter together as a married couple, I brought him to Shinji at Raffles Hotel. It was the Man's first time at a proper sushi restaurant and needless to say, he was astounded first by the prices. You see, he is a typical man who eats to live. My pleasure is to…