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Shinji with the Man

It seems that once upon a time, I had been so eager to try out as many new restaurants or cafes as possible. It made me feel so "happening". Alas, with age, and maturity, I know that is silly. Besides, I can no longer eat all I want. My stomach seems to have shrunk and I put on weight more easily if I don't make an effort to work out or watch my diet. Most importantly though, with ongoing major milestones in my life as a thirty-something, newly married female, going out and indulgences have definitely taken a step backward in priority.

Nevertheless, special occasions do re-spark my interest to try new experiences, as if to commemorate the events. Most recently, as a treat to the Man and also to mark our first quarter together as a married couple, I brought him to Shinji at Raffles Hotel. It was the Man's first time at a proper sushi restaurant and needless to say, he was astounded first by the prices. You see, he is a typical man who eats to live. My pleasure is to bring him new experiences he would never otherwise bring himself to try :) But as we got into the sushi ritual, I believe he could see why we had to pay these prices.

He loved the theatrics of watching the sushi chef prepare the food. He also saw the little details that had gone into the making of the sushi.  To me, my satisfaction comes from sharing my reverence for proper sushi and have him acknowledge and understand that my so-called "high standards" are not unaccounted for. 

The Man had the Tsuki set, with 12 pieces of sushi. He made some observation on the rice, that it was loosely compacted, that it tasted less vinegary compared to the other sushi places, that the rice was slightly tinted brown in color and it was not served cold. Though at some point, I cringed a little when he asked me if he could only take the fish and leave the rice, because he didn't want to load up on carbs. I told him that would be so impolite and so he continued to enjoy his sushi. Phew!

The standouts of the meal for me was the shima-aji and aji. I love a fatty fish and they were absolutely gorgeous that day. So sweet and fresh.

The Man got to try the uni and he must have been blown away because he didn't say a word after (probably so as not to let me feel bad knowing how delicious it was because I had the Hana set which didn't include uni).

The sushi tasted especially good after a long absence. Definitely a keeper.


Felicia said…
I think with age (maturity) comes the realization that its not always needed to check out the coolest and hippest restaurants all the time and sometimes the best food are the simplest especially if eaten with family and friends you enjoy the company of. I used to spend so much money on trying out new restaurants but now I am more discerning and only see it as a special indulgence as a treat once in a while.

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