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Lessons from little girls

D and I were in church yesterday and shared a table with two girls, one primary 3 and the other primary 4. They were given a bunch of confectionary and snacks from a prior birthday celebration and talking between themselves about stuff.

At some point, they were struggling with opening a package of Oreo cookies and I offered to do so for them. I said, "Come let auntie help you open that."

Said Pri 3 girl gave me a bewildered look, replying, "Huh, you mean you are married??"  (So now you know how a Pri 3 person defines "Auntie".  Hahhaa. So tickled!)

I replied, "Yes, I am and this is my husband (pointing to D beside me)." The girls stared at each other, giving the disbelieving look.  I was starting to feel flattered. LOL.

The girls started to dunk their Oreos into a cup of milk.  After a little while, Pri 3 girl started whispering something to Pri 4 girl and obviously talking about me as she kept stealing glances over my side. I wanted to contin…

Catching up at Sushi Kuu

One of the newer ("new" is all relative eh) sushi places that I tried is Sushi Kuu at Palai Renaissance. Both times I had the kaisen chirashi. I wanted to try something else but I don't think I could find something else that I would have probably enjoyed more. The lunch set comes with udon soup and dessert as well, making it a better deal. But then again, the chirashi is already so satisfying on its own I didn't really need anything else. I made a mental note to bring the Man to try the beef don. It looked darn good!
I like that Sushi Kuu offers a good variety of main staples; lots of options for the fuss-free eating.  It is a little notch pricier but the quality is pretty decent. Just another option if you do like your Japanese food :)