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Great Value at Hanare

Efforts to try and secure dinner reservations at Teppei had been futile so far and I have since given up.  I figured from a few friends' reviews that Teppei's omakase is simply super value for money and great fun with Teppei-san's personality. But food wise, nothing too spectacular. 
But I wanted to try the chirashi-don though and was glad when Hanare came about because the most instagrammed (in my view :) chirashi-don now could be had without a queue!
The chirashi was brimming to the top with fresh mixed sashimi. I loved that there were loads of my favourite hamachi and salmon belly. But what I didn't like was the chopped spring onions that were too sharp in flavour and killed the taste buds for tasting the fish properly.  Additionally, the rice that night was a little gummy and not seasoned sufficiently (i.e. tasted like gummy, white rice). The only advantage to that is that I didn't need to stop myself from devouring all the rice :).  But the bottle of tasty fu…

Wishing it was different - Sunday Market

I loved that the cafés are sprouting out in suburban neighborhoods and Sunday Market is right near my parents place and near church. Gives us another option to hang. 

But unfortunately, the food and drinks failed to impress so far. 

I don't want to be so quick to judge but I guess that really awful coffee that reminded me of soap just killed it for me.  The Man enjoyed the red velvet cake thoroughly. It was huge but more importantly, moist and quite unique with layer of chocolate in between the cake, lending another dimension of texture and taste.

We also got a salad which was average.  The Man also tried the chicken waffle in an earlier visit and commented the combination was good in theory but poorly executed as the dish was dry and the waffle quickly went soft and tough.

I won't likely return on my own accord but will give it another go if someone suggests to meet up here.

Sunday Market
22 Lim Tua Tow Road
Singapore 547772
Open everyday

Tolido's Espresso Nook

It has been too long since I last caught up with ex-colleague J. She loves checking out new cafés as well so we both went to Tolido's espresso nook for the first time. 
Great to listen to her recent stories from travels to Iceland and other parts of Europe. And she is doing so well as well work-wise. So happy for her!
On the cafe...Coffee was great; my latte was quite creamy despite having the skinny version and the coffee was quite flavorful with a hint of chocolate. An easy drink for non classic coffee drinkers but could be a little too milky for those who generally like the piccolo latte. A double shot might do the trick though. 

J had their specialty 'salted caramel latte' that she proclaimed delicious as well. 
On food, the menu is small but ample. Prices are pretty decent / some low in comparison to other cafés but don't expect frills. 
For some odd reason, I wanted and so ordered a waffle. It looked plain and rather heavy at first sight. After taking a bite, I realiz…

Ikki Izakaya Bar at the Metropolis

The Man has been working on a new project via the form of a Japanese casual bar and restaurant called IKKI.

IKKI is located at the newish office building, The Metropolis, just right at the doorstep of Buona Vista MRT.  On weekdays, lunch is mainly serving sets  of Japanese staple food, fit for the hungry office crowd. Come evening time, the bar stools are set up outside for smokers and the food menu also gets more extensive, serving not just a range of dons but also loads of small dishes and grilled sticks,izakaya style, good for sharing and drinking.

They have a few signature items like the Ikki Maki (seared salmon belly, cream cheese, ebiko, special sauce anyone?) and some of the Man's other favorites are the yakitori sticks with mentaiko sauce, stewed pork belly with leeks, barachirashi and cold udon.

Additionally, a different live band plays every weekday night, so overall quite a relax and chill feel. As this part of SG is just so quiet on weekday nights and weekends, it …