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Kondo Tempra, Tokyo

I wanted the Man to try an authentic tempura restaurant when we were in Tokyo and after some research, I decided on Kondo Tempra located in Ginza.

Lunch was more within our budget so we went for the two sets available.  He opted for the more expensive set, which had an extra vegetable and also a kakiage with the rice.  Tea is included in the set and free flow of grated daikon to be eaten with the tempura or mixed with the sauce.

Without further ado and going into the details, we enjoyed the meal a lot, though I have to admit I don't believe the Man quite get the hype even after the meal.  

The tempura had a common denominator - a thin batter, crispy on the outside, yet tender on the insides.  The vegetables were fresh and of the highest quality I would guess as they had good flavour and possessed a natural sweetness. The fish were freshly prepared (gutted and split in front of us). His two assistants prepared the ingredients and passed them on to the master Kondo-san.  With deft hands, Kondo-san dipped the ingredients into the batter and then dropped the food first into one of the two pots of oil, before transferring them into the second pot. I believe the two pots differ in temperatures.  Within short minutes, the food was cooked and dished out to drain before serving to the customers at the counter.



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