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Catching up over Mrs Pho

I'm going through a major transition phase in my life, and that includes changing jobs for the second time in my career and going on gardening leave.
It felt strange not to have to go in to work and with my newfound time on my hands, I made lunch plans to catch up with Jing. 
Her office was close to Arab street and I immediately chose Mrs Pho, as I always wanted to try and if I was working, then it was not available option for me most days. 
It was jammed packed during lunch hour but as we were there closer to 1pm, lots of tables were finishing up so we only had to wait for a few minutes. 
The tables and decor mimicked what is like in Vietnam. So the tables were small too. Sort of like portion control on my behalf as more food wouldn't have fitted in :)
We ordered two of the standard beef pho , imho, the benchmark for pho. Additionally, we ordered a shrimp papaya salad with pork as starter, and two drinks.  Prices are fair and less than $15 per pax for this meal. 
The salad was deli…

The Coastal Settlement

PA few friends met up for dinner recently at TCS. It was the first visit for everyone else except ourselves. We first visited a few years ago when it was relatively new. I could remember the beef pizza being delicious and everything else being quite average while prices seemed a bit pricy for the ulu location. 
This time, we ordered a few appetizers to share and a main each. Of the apps, portebello fries were the best and I'll recommend. But for $15, the serving of about 8-9 pieces of fries was quite puny.  
The truffle fries on the other hand, were disappointing. Unlike most truffle fries, there wasn't a whiff of that aromatic fungi at all, even when the fries were right in front of us. 
The nachos were ok. Nothing to shout about but made a nice snack for everyone.
The mains were a mixture of hits and misses. Both the man and I seemed to have the hits. Pleased with his burger and my roast chicken, we tucked in with gusto and finished everything despite the intimidating portions.