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What is 6 months in a journey of a lifetime

Today marks 6 months of Little A. Everyone tells me "oh it gets better after 6 months". Well, let's see if the sleeping gets better (i.e. Mommy gets enough sleep!)

In any case I am thankful for my little cheerful boy.  He is hardly ever grouchy, even when he has just woken up, but he does fuss a little when it's time for bed. But then which kid doesn't?  Kids just want to play All.Day.Long.

Some of his achievements include flipping back and forth easily (but I hate it when he does that when I am changing his diaper), recognizing his name, learning to hold his milk bottle (still needs some help at times), learning to crawl by pushing his leg and lifting his butt up high.  I think he knows who I am (i.e. his mommy) and when I return from work, he kicks his legs excitedly. I have to admit that makes me really happy :)

Little A is a milk guzzler and drinks between 800-1000ml of milk a day and in the past week, he has managed to skip his night feed altogether except for one night.  Hopefully this will transit into less episodes of waking up for comfort.

My baby is growing too fast!


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