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Mother Support Group

It is so important to have support especially for a first time mommy. I am glad I am part of a couple of chat groups with similar aged babies. Sometimes we talk cock sing song, but most of the time it has been a helpful source of information and assurance for normalcy.  

Apart from this real life group of mommies, I enjoy reading mommy blogs too. Yes I really do, but only the ones that focus on sharing their perspectives as a mother, and related topics.  I don't particularly like product endorsements, even though they claim to be non-biased.  I do like being made aware of the products and then counter-checking their reviews on if possible.

Fortunately, I found a few SG mommy blogs that made my bookmark, and recently, I came across an Australian one that I would recommend.  It has been a while since I had come across such a honest, refreshing blog. she reminds me somewhat of a Western Xiaxue, painfully honest, with bits of vulgarity. But the spirit of the blog is focused on motherhood and her thoughts.  I may not agree with some of her opinions, but I do share a lot of her views.  The way she transcripts them into words, I like very much.  Check it out if that interests you too :)


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How do you juggle it all :( ?

I just feel that I don't have enough time - for the husband and  much less for myself!

During the workday, I make sure I try to go home on time so I could spend a couple of hours with A, and put him to bed. Then it's time to have my last pump at about 9pm before I just want to  zone out and crash.  The boy wakes up at least 3 times ever since his last leap when he learnt how to stand. Additionally, he fell really ill for the first time (i.e. antibiotics).  Prior to that, he cries 1-2 times but easily soothed with pacifier or with some milk. Because of these frequent interrupted sleep, the man and I took turns to fall ill as well, and it is difficult to recover. I still have the head colds and occasionally coughing spells.

On weekends, our schedule revolves around family events, and then I try to plan so that A can try to get a nap or 2 as well as to plan our routes throughout the day so I would end up somewhere comfortable to pump when I needed to.  Often the nap part fails,…

OOOh, new flavour!

I have been eating Quest nutrition protein bars for years! I love the taste and they are less guilty than the real deal.  The flavours are pretty spot on and they are available at  I recently shared about this site as well.

I eat at least one of them a day to satisfy that sweet tooth. My favourites so far are the cinnamon roll and smores.  But I'm excited that a new flavour has been launched and can't wait for the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip flavour to arrive!

[Mommy Post] Accidental Booster Alert!

If you are a breastfeeding mommy or pumping mommy, you will understand when you find a milk booster, it's like striking lottery, right?
So my hub has actually been drinking this V-Soy multigrain for quite some time, so it has a regular appearance in our fridge.  I tried it but found it to be too sweet on so I never drank it after.

One fine day, I had a small play date at my place, and I served this drink to the mommies (because all rejected my first beverage of choice - coffee) to them.  One of them reported that she had higher output and that struck up a lot of other mommies' interest to try (including myself!).  Glad to report, it does help me, but not exponentially as I still don't take a lot of it, just a small cup.   What a small cup did for me - I take a shorter time to pump the same volume and at sometimes I do get about 10-15ml more.  I reckon if I do drink a bigger cup of it, it would be even better?  But no, I didn't choose to do that because it is very cal…