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222 Chalet

Last weekend, little A spent his first night away from us, at my parent's. I was eager for him to learn to be independent, yet at the same time anxious for my parents who did not have the experience of taking care of babies for longer than a couple of hours since my brother was born. 

Even if it was just for a night, I packed (too much) and labeled (too much) and texted the family chat all the details, his habits, schedules, how to pacify him if he fusses etc. 

The night without the baby was good for my sleep. From 11ish to about 6pm, I slept without interruption. (Lately I have been having difficulty going back to bed once I wake up for his feed so this was a much needed uninterrupted sleep). But as soon as I awake, I wanted to know how A did at his Popo's house. 

After 8am, there was still no news from the other side, so I had to text for an update. The grandma was happy to report that A was a "good boy". Didn't fuss much except for the requisite milk feeds. 

To be honest, I feel very happy A takes to everyone easily. He has a good temperament and always with a cheer. He's everything I asked God for. So thankful and he's definitely my very real testimony of our mighty God's love and power. 

Til the next chalet in 2 weeks!


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