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Post Partum Massage

Post partum massage (PPM) is one of the key essentials that I included in my post delivery self-care. I don't know how well it really worked out for me previously, but I do cherish and appreciate that hour of "me-time" during the massage.  As with most of the massage ladies (ML), the service is usually home based and ranges between $60-$80 per hour.  Most of the packages include the body massage as well as a waist binding service.  Some also offer a steaming service that is said to aide water retention removal.  As with my previous experience, I don't do well with the binder because the binding is so tight (intentional, to try to reduce that stomach size) that it cuts off a lot of circulation, making my skin super itchy and my sleep was so disrupted because I was waking up often to scratch the itch, and in the process, even broke the skin at several spots.  After 2 days of binding and suffering, I gave up and refuse to bind  further, and the ML would have it easy.
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Birth Story of our Second Born - Faith

The story wasn't dramatic to say  the least but lest I become lazy  and complacent as I did with Adriel's birth story (which I didn't blog but guess I would do so retrospectively), here's what happened with Faith. It was a Friday and I had finished my 37 + 4 days check up with Dr. Chen, my gynae based in Thomson Medical Center (TMC).  Because I didn't have any major pains, contractions, etc, Dr. Chen decided I didn't need a vaginal examination (VE) for dilation but would do so the following week instead.  Phew! I was relieved because I knew that doing a VE could trigger contractions so I was glad it didn't take place.  I needed Faith to arrive in week 39 onwards because I procrastinated too much this time that I hadn't got her cot and a  clothing cabinet.  More importantly, she was also on the smaller side so I really wanted extra time to pad her up a wee bit more.   Anyway, after the check up, I went for a pedicure to prettify the feet and then heade

Towards Weaning.

Since my last post, I have tried to implement a few changes to make things better.  For one, I have decided to stop feeling so stressed about pumping enough milk for A.  Fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, after 9 months of pumping without mastitis (blocked ducts yes, mastitis no), I suffered not 1 but 2 episodes of mastitis over 2 consecutive weeks, right boob then left. The supply tanked after the first episode and I decided to take the opportunity to slow things down and gradually wean.  Even though the mental determination was there, it was still affecting me psychologically. I mean, after going through the first few months of suffering through the 3-hourly pumping schedule and building up a decent supply, and then reaching a nice maintenance mode where pumping became easier and a way of life for me, it was hard to let go. Nonetheless, after the second round, and the supply continued to tank, I thought enough is enough.  Final straw was when the Spectra

How do you juggle it all :( ?

I just feel that I don't have enough time - for the husband and  much less for myself! During the workday, I make sure I try to go home on time so I could spend a couple of hours with A, and put him to bed. Then it's time to have my last pump at about 9pm before I just want to  zone out and crash.  The boy wakes up at least 3 times ever since his last leap when he learnt how to stand. Additionally, he fell really ill for the first time (i.e. antibiotics).  Prior to that, he cries 1-2 times but easily soothed with pacifier or with some milk. Because of these frequent interrupted sleep, the man and I took turns to fall ill as well, and it is difficult to recover. I still have the head colds and occasionally coughing spells. On weekends, our schedule revolves around family events, and then I try to plan so that A can try to get a nap or 2 as well as to plan our routes throughout the day so I would end up somewhere comfortable to pump when I needed to.  Often the nap part fa

OOOh, new flavour!

I have been eating Quest nutrition protein bars for years! I love the taste and they are less guilty than the real deal.  The flavours are pretty spot on and they are available at  I recently shared about this site as well. I eat at least one of them a day to satisfy that sweet tooth. My favourites so far are the cinnamon roll and smores.  But I'm excited that a new flavour has been launched and can't wait for the  Oatmeal Chocolate Chip  flavour to arrive!

[Mommy Post] Baby Essentials from

I love shopping on, have been a loyal customer for the last 6 years ever since one of my ex-colleague introduced it to me. since then, there is much improvement in  their product range and also shipping to Singapore is often free when purchases hit US$40. Since having a baby, I have been shopping for baby things on iherb.  It's convenient and easy,  particularly attractive for a busy mommy.  Let me introduce what I usually buy: 1.  Baby bath:  this is particularly good for baby with skin issues, otherwise, still good as it's gentle and tear free. 2.  Bottle washing detergent: I found this really good but the only issue is that it doesn't come in a pump format (which I prefer).  But it is rather expensive for something that is used rather frequently so subsequently, I switched over to item 3 (below). 3. bottle washing detergent: this is more cost-effective, and I simply got a empty pump bottle from Daiso to put this refill pack in. 4.  Baby dete