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Blogging by Mail 2!

After much anticipation, I finally got my package all the way from the USA. Many thanks to Rainy! If you are reading this, please give me your blog address ok? Now she is really an organised one. Everything is listed and explained in a letter. I was impressed! Anway, looks can be really be deceiving; the little box packed a whole lot more than what I expected. Many of them are homemade or from Rainy's own pantry; some very intriguing too, leaving me to wonder what I could do with them. Aren't you curious what I received? I knew I couldn't as I practically tored through the box to get through the contents.

So anyway, first I saw the museli. Never before had I have a pack of homemade muesli, recipe included too! They look delicious and I could picture them in a bowl of cold milk. Comforting image indeed!

Next up: The chocolates and everyone's favorite. My first thought was,"How apt!" now that I am sort of into chocolates. I was actually lamenting how I missed out on Scharffen Berger experience because I was practically next door while studying in Berkeley. It was like Rainy could read my mind too - she packed me my favourites: Bittersweet (70%) and Mocha (62%). Both of them were sooo good; smooth and bittersweet. Delish!

I've read so much about specialty sea salts and how good they are. I haven't actually gotten my hands on any so I am glad that Rainy took the first step and gave me not 1 but 3 different and exotic sounding seasalts from her own pantry. I wonder if I would be transported to the Himalayans one day, and to Brittany the next, followed by a trip to tropical Hawaii!

Then I spied on a golden tin can, tied up with a nice big bowl. I wondered what could be in it and was wonderfully greeted with a slightly burnt, caramelly aroma. There were homemade cookies hidden in the can! What a treat! Immediately I reached in for 1. Wow! I never had a crusty looking cookie before. Biting into it, crumbs flew all over. There were big pieces of pecans, and cappuccino chips, which tasted like caramel. Yummy! I hurried to get a glass of cold milk to go with the remainders. After each of us got a piece, I was disappointed to see none left :( Luckily the recipe was enclosed too, cuz I haven't got enough of it!

Up next is a tiny cute bottle of homemade pumpkin butter and a spreader. How thoughtful! And the spreader is so cute too :) Of course, me the greedy one, could not wait to taste this either, so I hurriedly opened it, grabbed a slice of bread and ate some right away. Initially, the strong cinnamon scent slammed my sensations and I thought, "Luckily I am a fan of that spice." But surprisingly, pumpkin flavour still stood out and this is one really yummy "butter!". I really, really love this - butter is thick and sweet and so addictive. note to self: conserve, conserve, conserve.

Lastly, Rainy also gave me a bag of raisins made from red flame grapes; these are soo good. I was never a raisin fan because they tend to stick into my teeth but because these are so huge, they didn't as much. I used them in my muffins, post coming up next. My boyfriend was pleasantly surprised too, when he ate the muffins and saw those huge raisins! Oh, that is a bottle of basil oil (what am I going to do with that now? wonder wonder...) and a silicon pinch bowl. How cute is that? Of course, Rainy also threw in a mahjong tile for good measure.

I want to thank Samanthafor hosting the Blogging by Mail 2 as well as Rainy for all the goodies. I was just simply touched because I know that much effort had been put into this care package and I really appreciate it. Hope everyone else also had their fun in the event!


Pille said…
Gosh, this sounds like a very well stocked parcel! I participated at the first round of European Blogging By Mail few months ago, and it was loads of fun. But it is also fun to read what other people are getting:)
Enjoy your parcel!
Nic said…
Alright! Another happy BBM participant. Great post! Great package!
Nic said…
Oh, and Rainey's site is Making Myself a Garden
artkiddo said…
hi, wah... the package looks absolutely marvelllous! i've seen a few of these posts before about pple exchanging food gifts all around the world! i would love to participate too! pls. tell me how...
M. said…
nic: thanks so much! i finally located Rainey!

cass: BBM is the brainchild of Nic :) Check back to find out if there's a BBM3!
Oooh, could you please post the recipe for the chocolate cookies?
Anonymous said…
Ditto to the above comment - Please, pretty please, post the cookie recipe!
Anonymous said…


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